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hexagon · T shape · bending shape · live knotted head · round head
cheese head · round head · raised cheese head · countersunk head · raised countersunk head
cheese head · hexagon · cap shape · wing shape · square
tapping screws
hexagon · round head · countersunk head · raised countersunk head
cone · cheese head · round head · key · bending shape
round head · countersunk head · flat head · hexagon · cheese head
welding nails
flat head · square · hexagon · cheese head
hexagon · round head
cheese head · hexagon
Standard Category
ASME B 18.2.1(T6)-2010
ASME B 18.2.1-2010
DIN 1-1981
DIN 125(-1)-1990
DIN 125(-2)-1990
DIN 127(B)-1987
DIN 128(A)-1987
DIN 128(B)-1987
DIN 137(A)-1987
DIN 137(B)-1987
DIN 1471-1978
DIN 1472
DIN 1473-1978
DIN 1474-1978
DIN 1475-1978
DIN 1476-1978
DIN 1481-1978
DIN 1587-1987
DIN 1804-1971
DIN 186-2010
DIN 2093(A)-2013
DIN 2510-7-1971
DIN 25201
DIN 3017-2-2002
DIN 315-1983
DIN 34817-2001
DIN 3570-1972
DIN 417-1986
DIN 427-1986
DIN 431-1982
DIN 432-1983
DIN 433(-1)-1990
DIN 434-1990
DIN 435-1989
DIN 438-1986
DIN 439(-1)-1987
DIN 439(-2)-1987
DIN 444-1983
DIN 462-1973
DIN 463-1974
DIN 464-1986
DIN 466-1986
DIN 467-1986
DIN 471(D1400/A)-1981
DIN 472(D1300/J)-1981
DIN 546-1986
DIN 547-1986
DIN 551-1986
DIN 553-1986
DIN 557-1985
DIN 562-1987
DIN 603-1981
DIN 6319(G)-2001
DIN 6330-1991
DIN 6331-1991
DIN 6334
DIN 653-1986
DIN 660-1993
DIN 661-1993
DIN 6796-1987
DIN 6797(A)-1988
DIN 6797(J)-1988
DIN 6798(A)-1988
DIN 6798(J)-1988
DIN 6799(D1500/RA)-1981
DIN 6799(D1500/RA)-2011
DIN 6885(A)-1968
DIN 6912-1985
DIN 6921-1983
DIN 6923-1983
DIN 7-1981
DIN 705-2007
DIN 7337(A)-1991
DIN 7337(B)-1991
DIN 7343-1969
DIN 7346-1978
DIN 7349-1974
DIN 7349-2009
DIN 7504(K)-1995
DIN 7504(N)-1982
DIN 7504(P)-1982
DIN 7981-1990
DIN 7982-1990
DIN 7983-1990
DIN 7984-1985
DIN 7985-1986
DIN 7985-1990
DIN 7991-1986
DIN 8140(-1)-1999
DIN 84-1990
DIN 85-1990
DIN 9021-1990
DIN 906-1983
DIN 906-1992
DIN 908
DIN 908-1983
DIN 910-1992
DIN 912-1983
DIN 913-1980
DIN 914-1980
DIN 915-1980
DIN 916-1980
DIN 917-1987
DIN 921-1986
DIN 923-1986
DIN 928-1983
DIN 929-1987
DIN 93-1974
DIN 931(-1)-1987
DIN 933-1987
DIN 934-1987
DIN 935-1-1987
DIN 937-1983
DIN 938-1995
DIN 939-1995
DIN 94-1983
DIN 963-1990
DIN 964-1990
DIN 965-1990
DIN 966-1990
DIN 975-1986
DIN 976-1986
DIN 980(V)-1987
DIN 982-1987
DIN 986-1987
GB 12618-1990
GB 32.1-1988
GB 5787-1986
GB 798-1988
GB 827-1986
GB 834-1988
GB 835-1988
GB 837-1988
GB 839-1988
GB 845-1976
GB 846-1976
GB 855-1988
GB 862.2-1987
GB 897-1988
GB 898-1988
GB 901-1988
GB 9074.13-1988
GB 9074.15-1988
GB 9074.17-1988
GB 9074.4-1988
GB 9074.7-1988
GB 9074.8-1988
GB 93-1987
GB 948-1988
GB /T 1096-2003
GB /T 119.1-2000
GB /T 119.2-2000
GB /T 12615-1990
GB /T 15856.4-1995
GB /T 2670.1-2004
GB /T 2670.2-2004
GB /T 2671.1-2004
GB /T 2672-2004
GB /T 2673-2004
GB /T 27-1988
GB /T 29.1-1988
GB /T 29.2-1988
GB /T 5782-2000
GB /T 5783-2000
GB /T 6170-2000
GB /T 6172.1-2000
GB /T 6176-2000
GB /T 65-2000
GB /T 67-2000
GB /T 68-2000
GB /T 69-2000
GB /T 73-1985
GB /T 818-2000
GB /T 819.1-2000
GB /T 820-2000
GB /T 879.2-2000
GB /T 893.1-1986
GB /T 894.1-1986
GB /T 91-2000
QJ 4275-1989
ISO 10642-1997
ISO 1234-1976
ISO 13918(FD)-1998
ISO 13918(PT)-1998
ISO 13918(RD)-1998
ISO 13918(SD)-1998
ISO 14583-2011
ISO 2009-2011
ISO 2338-1986
ISO 4014-1999
ISO 4017-1999
ISO 4032-1999
ISO 4762-1997
ISO 7379-1983
ISO 7380-1997
ISO 8739-1997
JIS B 1180-1994
NF E 25-511-1980
NF E 25-514
HG /T 20613-2009
Self-Clinching B BS
Self-Clinching BOB BOBS
Self-Clinching BSO BSOS BSOA BSO4
Self-Clinching CLA
Self-Clinching CSS
Self-Clinching DSO DSOS
Self-Clinching FH FHS FHA
Self-Clinching FH FHS FHA
Self-Clinching LK LKS LKA
Self-Clinching NZ
Self-Clinching S SS CLS CLSS SP
Self-Clinching SO SOS SOA SO4
Self-Clinching Z
YJT 8008
YJT 8010
YJT 8013
Others 公制内螺纹自攻镶嵌件
Others 灯笼铆钉-

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 About Us
NanJing DongMing Fastener Co.,LTD. Fastener products services professional bodies, we are passionate and dynamic team, with several large fasteners manufacturing plant experienced background and experience in international marketing professional personnel, has been committed to excellent high-end customers at home and abroad to provide high-quality fastener products, excellent and perfect "one-stop-supporting services and comprehensive solutions. Because we have:



The main advantage of products


■ Series: stainless steel fasteners

High-quality A2 (SUS304), A4 (SUS316), 316L (stainless steel) as the main material of bolts, nuts, adapter, flat washers, spring washers, lock washers, cotter pins, spring pins, thread jacket, pipe fittings fastener products. Can provide the ISO (International Standards), GB (GB) to DIN (German standard), JIS (Japanese standard), ANSI (British standard) and other international organizations and state standards. Complete product specifications, size from tiny optical screws, electronic screws and bolts to the large size of our services throughout many industries.

■ series 2: stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum and other materials of various types of blind rivets

■ Series 3: high temperature and high pressure, low temperature and high pressure pipeline valves fasteners

Strictly in accordance with the mechanical properties of the Material Testing Association standard ASTM A193 and A194, A193 Standard specification for alloy steel and stainless steel bolts used in high temperature and high pressure and high temperature operation, while the A194 usually refers to the use of high pressure and high temperature operating carbon steel and standards of alloy steel nuts.

■ Series4: Alloy Steel 12.9 high strength industrial fasteners

■ Series5: Electronic screw and press-fit riveting fasteners, precision turned parts

■ Series 6: Thread jacket products

■ Series 7: empty hydraulic tube fittings

■ Series 8: Self-tapping inserts series

■ Series 9: Other products (custom-made of special materials fasteners)

The customized production 254SMO, 1.4529, AL6XN, HasC276, duplex stainless steel 2205,2507,304 L, 420,309.310,310 S, Hastelloy, 1Cr13, 2Cr13, 35CrMoA, 30CrMoA, 25CrMoV material of special fasteners.

Other products, the combination of bolts, nylon bolts, steel balls, spot welding, screws and other products, and has an advantage in the development of non-standard, can provide customers with non-standard products, drawings, design and product development.

■ Series 10: Industrial fastener surface treatment technology




Our customers throughout the high-speed locomotives, construction (building walls, building reinforcement), doors and windows, automotive, chemical machinery, printing and dyeing, oil equipment, communications equipment (base station antenna; RF system chassis enclosure; communication engineering), shipbuilding, power facilities, food machinery, outdoor furniture, valve, military, fire fighting equipment, appliances, circuit board equipment, dyeing and finishing equipment, LEDs, steel furniture, elevator, bridge engineering, wind power, solar energy and other fields, for a number of large and medium-sized enterprises " One-stop fastener supporting services. "




ISO9001-2008 quality certification, to prevent defective products into the hands of customers of quality awareness, strict internal processes and product traceability for quality control and quality assurance.




One-stop shopping services, reduce supply chain cost savings for customers

Standing inventory, timely delivery and distribution

Large-scale procurement to help customers reduce costs

A screw is also emphasis on service

Years of supply chain management experience

CAD Valet drawing, CNC machined

Support environmental protection, all kinds of products, raw materials and surface treatment

Professional companies, professional agents, and professional services staff

The whole E management to ensure the rigorous process of service delivery, reduce risk

That is why, we can become your most trusted supplier.

That is why, we can become your most trusted supplier.